Online research

  • According to the latest research, 1/3 of the population in Bulgaria “surfs“ the Internet every day or at least once a week for different purposes and activities.
  • More and more marketing research companies, including Pragmatica agency, rely on these technologies.
  • In regard to this we have developed a versatile system for online research, called Optis.

What is Optis?

  • OptiS is a registered trademark of Pragmatica agency for conducting online research.
  • All those companies that want the important to them management issues to be examined easily, quickly and at an acceptable price, can use OptiS, as long as the representatives of their target group are active Internet users.
  • How often could we conduct research through Optis?
    • The frequency of conducting surveys through Optis may be different: both single and periodic with the purpose of comparative analysis with previous periods.
  • What steps do we take regarding the survey through Optis?
    • Sending e-mails to the respondents.
    • Each email contains individual Internet link via which the respondent fills the questionnaire in. This provides the opportunity to identify various segments of interest afterwards.
    • The completion of the questionnaire by the respondent.
    • Data processing and data calculations via specialized research software SPSS.
    • Preparing the results, conclusions and recommendations in Power Point format.

Why online research?

  • Extremely wide range of topics and case studies can be tested through online surveys. They are so sophisticated that they allow the use and application of various research techniques in online environment.
  • The main online research advantages are:
    • Easy preparation and conduction of the fieldwork- in practice neither briefing for the field interviewers about how to carry out the field work is required, nor is the constant contact with the supervisors and the consecutive control.
    • Fast and easy recruitment of people- the people that match the target group in the particular case are selected from the existing panel or a database is provided by the client, if he has such, and links with the questions are sent directly.
    • Speed- as soon as the questionnaires are all filled in, the final results are available. This spares time from transporting the data, courier services, input the data, etc.
    • Cost optimization- perhaps, the most important thing for the companies is the low cost of such studies, which is due to the above- the mentioned differences between the standard types of marketing research and the online ones.

Be a part of our panel

  • If you want to assess customer products and services, through giving your personal opinion
  • If you want to win interesting rewards...
  • Join our panel by filling in your email in the applied form.
  • For each survey you will be given instructions via an email that will include a link with that survey.
  • Clicking on this link will activate the Optis program, in which you will be free to answer our questions.
  • It is important for you to know that your identity will be respected and the confidentiality of your answers will be preserved.
  • We will do our best to make your participation in the surveys a pleasant experience.
  • We will be happy if you become a part of our Team.